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Named URL for URLShorten


It would be nice to make short URLs with a name coming after a long garbled block, by which I mean if I have a site at:

It'd be nice to make a short URL that looks like "" where rand_string will look like "tFnQPetH". Just some random disambiguation string. That way nothing will ever collide.

The DownValues of URLShorten suggest that WRI employees can make named URLs, although it looks like they're restricted to alphanumeric and - (from a further DownValue). Unfortunately my first attempt at hacking this system:

Block[{$WolframID = ""},
 URLShorten["", "google"]

Gives me:

"URLShorten::clnterr: Unexpected client error: <|url->You do not have permission to create named URLs.|>."


So why not let us do silly things like ""?

POSTED BY: b3m2a1 ​ 
3 months ago

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