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Export a graph in Mathematica Online?


I should be able to export a graph in Mathematica Online by rightclicking on it, should I not? And then find an item Export As..., or something like that. That does not happen for me, independent on which machine I use or which webbrower I use. Truthfully, it did happen once. But I have since not been able to reproduce it. Could someone explain why the dialog I get when rightclicking, after having selected the graph, is the general one for a webpage (in which I can save the webpage as html) and not the specific Mathematica Online-dialog I expect.

Thanks, -anders

POSTED BY: Anders Källén
13 days ago

I don't believe the Wolfram Cloud hijacks your right-click menus, as some other web apps do. This means that the right-click menu will default to what whichever browser your using would do. As graphs appear as images in the Cloud, the browser seems to treat them as any other image.

For example, in Firefox I can copy or save the image:

enter image description here

Generally I would recommend saving the object programmatically, for example using CloudExport which saves it in your Cloud directory. For example:

In[1]:= m = Graph[{1 <-> 2, 2 <-> 3, 3 <-> 1}];

In[2]:= CloudExport[m, "PNG", "myGraph"]

Out[2]= CloudObject[""]

You can then share this object with the link (if you make it Public), or download it to your local machine.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions.

POSTED BY: Kyle Martin
9 days ago

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POSTED BY: martha Simons
9 days ago

Thanks, that helps a lot

POSTED BY: Anders Källén
5 days ago

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