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Get multiple geographic images at once?


I try to specify a some of the geographic coordinates and hope to obtain geographic imagery data for these locations at once, but they can only capture images one by one. I also tried to use the slot(#), but I still get an error signal. Hope to get guidance ~~~ Thank a lot!

aqfiles = "AQXSite_20180515084216.csv";
aqsite = Cases[
   Rest@Import[aqfiles], {x1_, x2_, x3_, x4_, x5_, x6_, x7_, x8_, 
     x9_} -> {x8, x7}];
aqposition = GeoPosition[aqsite][[1]];
GeoImage[aqposition, GeoStyling["Satellite"], 
 GeoRange -> Quantity[1, "Kilometers"]]
POSTED BY: Tsai Ming-Chou
6 days ago

You need underscores in the pattern:

aqsite = Cases[Rest@Import[aqfiles],
   {x1_, x2_, x3_, x4_, x5_, x6_, x7_, x8_, x9_} -> {x8, x7}];
Table[GeoImage[GeoPosition[pos], GeoStyling["Satellite"], 
  GeoRange -> Quantity[1, "Kilometers"]],
 {pos, aqsite}]
POSTED BY: Gianluca Gorni
6 days ago

Excellent, it is work! I really should learn more about symbolic operations and matrices. Thank very much for your guidance!

POSTED BY: Tsai Ming-Chou
5 days ago

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