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Project a picture onto a specific geographic area?


How to replace a world map with a picture and project it to a specific geographic area? I can already use shapefiles to draw satellite photos of specific administrative regions. However, replacing the original global satellite image with a picture cannot be done. Request friendly expert guidance ~~~

data = Import["COUNTY201804300214.shp", "Data"];
picture= Import["\world_map.svg/2000px-Simple_world_map.svg.png", "PNG"];
data[[All, 1]]
geometry = ("Geometry" /. data);
GeoGraphics[{GeoStyling["Satellite"], geometry[[12]]}, GeoBackground -> None]
GeoGraphics[{GeoStyling[{"Image", picture}], geometry[[12]]}, GeoBackground -> None]
POSTED BY: Tsai Ming-Chou
1 month ago

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