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Move Notebook-Cell Brackets to the Left of the Window?

Posted 2 months ago
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When my Mathematica-notebook window is maximized, most of the action is on the left of the window, but the cell brackets are far away on the window's right side. Is there a way to move the brackets to the left side of the window? If I find a way, I will try to include it in my default style-sheet.

Unrelated question, but small so I'll throw it in here: Is there any keyboard shortcut to move the cursor from a cell's interior to a space between cells? Or a shortcut to immediately select the cell containing the cursor (assuming the cursor is inside a cell)? These would facilitate mouse-free navigation (which is my favorite thing about Emacs).

3 Replies

The cell brackets can only be positioned on the right. To select the cell bracket when the caret position is inside a cell, just hit Ctrl + '.' until it selects the bracket. I think the menu item for this is Extend/Expand Selection in the Edit menu. Use it all the time.

Posted 2 months ago

Thanks for the info about the bracket-positioning. (feature request for Wolfram from me)

Thanks for the advice about Ctrl + '.'; that is what I have been doing already. When I do that, though, I don't know in advance how many times I'll need to press ctrl-. before the right amount is selected; so I need to watch the display and react to what I see on the screen, and that feedback process slows me down by a factor of about 10 compared to what a one-keystroke solution would do. When I learn how, I'll try to implement my own solution, but until then, I'll leave it as a feature request. Like all feature requests, I expect the community will dismiss it as pointless, but once Wolfram implements it, the community will say it's great.

I agree that those two requested features would be useful. Additionally I would like to see an option to automatically type the closing bracket like in many popular text editors. This would be for (, [ and {

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