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Paclet discussion on Live Stream


I'm excited for the new paclet stuff, but am wary that WRI will make choices that will break large amounts of what I've been working on with paclets (see, for example, a fully-functioning, open paclet server:

I think I heard Steven mention in passing in one of the Twitch streams that the "PacletManager`" symbols might get pushed to the "System`" context. Changing this everywhere it lives in my code base would be a huge, huge, huge pain And I imagine changes like these would be similarly disruptive to the many other people who've tried to get around WRI's lack of support for something that most languages have had for at least a decade (by which I mean support for package management).

If things like this are going happen I'd like some forewarning. Will there be any of those Twitch Live Streams on paclets? If not is there any way I can get warning of what will be changed before my code breaks?

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10 days ago

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