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Install the Mathematica Trial edition?


I have a problem with the Mathematica installation. I tried to install the Mathematica Trial edition. But, Mathematiaca Trial edition can not installed with the phrase related to "This application can only run a single instance" It's probably a problem with " a single instance ". What is the problem? What should I do?

POSTED BY: alie raint
16 days ago

you can find some help here from mm users forum. I think you'll find if you ask Wolfram Support they are responsive and willing to help (unlike some large tech companies).

"this application can only run a single instance"

find the install instructions online in the support area and follow them exactly. they are simple.

make sure you completely uninstall your first install attempt (you'll see it in your installed apps if it was). use your task watcher (win10 ctrl-shift-esc) to close any installer or mm already running. when you run the installer make sure to open it only once not twice (if you make a mistake clicking you could have two installers running, or if you run off internet the launch after - two might try to run)

it should work. if you already have mathematica running or already installed a previous trial edition: that could be a problem.

if you have a large web browser window make sure to minimize the window to see if there's an installer window hiding behind it. windows 10 does not always paint windows in the correct order leaving just opened windows waiting for input behind other windows

POSTED BY: John Hendrickson
15 days ago

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