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NIntegrate and Unit Steps 2

Posted 1 month ago
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Having fixed the spelling error from the "NIntegrate and Unit Step" thread, I'm now getting an answer of zero when applying NIntegrate[] to one period of a 50% duty cycle unit pulse of 61.0352 nsec duration. I should be getting an answer of 0.5. A notebook showing the calculation is attached. I used both UnitStep[] and HeavisideTheta[] to form the pulse. The answer was the same. So it looks like some sort of precision issue to me but I'm not sure. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get NIntegrate[] to give me the correct 0.5 for this case? What motivated this is that I'm getting the same zero result for DC term result when applying FourierSeries[] to this pulse.



I get an answer of 0.5 using the code I attached to your earlier post. Are you sure you are setting the limits of integration correctly? In your first posting they are not set right.

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