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Programmatic remote kernel creation via SSH


(Cross-post from Reddit)

So I recently picked up a Raspberry Pi, and after playing with it and realizing that it has a full-fledged Mathematica in it, I started thinking about the possible use cases for a handful of these and some good sensors. The problem I ran into was that kernel configuration was flakey, problematic, error prone, and if you had more than a couple it rapidly became unfeasible.

My approach was to spend some time and put together a package that simplified programmatic connection to remote machines, launching the remote process, and linking it with the front-end. Specifically, I didn't want to have the RPi kernel my notebook kernel, but rather as an available parallel kernel, so that I could still run the heavy lifting locally, and use the remote kernels for data collection/remote sensing/etc...

The result is SSHKernel, a small package that aims to do just this! I couldn't find anything like this kicking around, and the RemoteKernel internal stuff wasn't quite working for me, so I rolled it myself, but I'm just as happy if someone can point me in the direction of an existing solution.

POSTED BY: Michael Himbeault
15 days ago

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