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Display a Character made by "Private Character Editor of Windows"?


I have struggled to show a Private Character in my Mathematica, but failed to do it so far.

So I want to know how to do it.

Please give me a lecture.

I made my private character using "Private Character Editor of Windows", and

checked to display the one by some other softwares. It has gone well, except the case of Mathematica.

As I have used old Mahematica version 4.1, I also want to know how to do that using low level functions.


POSTED BY: ichione ichiro
7 days ago

On Windows 10 with Mathematica 11.3, it works. I created a character at location E000 with the Private character editor. In the notebook type \:E000. Then, you'll see your character.

POSTED BY: l van Veen
7 days ago

Thank you Veen for your answer.

But I have not succeeded yet in the way of using the same Unicode number.

In my PC environment, other things to be done may exist due to MM4.1, I think.

$CharacterEncoding is "ShiftJIS" in my MM4.1,

so I tried like the below:

Cell[FromCharacterCode[16^^e000],"OutPut", CharacterEncoding→"Unicode"]//DisplayForm,

of course, 16^^e000 was registered in Unicode, but failed.



POSTED BY: ichione ichiro
5 days ago

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