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Mathematica won't launch (new installation)

Posted 5 years ago
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I had to download mathematica for school and after it installs nothing happens. It doesn't launch and when I go to click on it again it reinstalls mathematica again. How do i get it to open?
5 Replies
"after it installs" - where did it install to?  Are you distinguishing between the downloaded installer
and the installed Mathematica?

Quick suggestion: 
Did the installation go normally?  See 

Suggestions will have to be operating-system dependent.

On Windows:
- Look in Start menu - All Programs for Wolfram Mathematica. Can you launch it from there?
- Does holding down the SHIFT and CONTROL keys as you try to start Mathematica make a difference?
- The Mathematica Kernel should be in
       Start menu - All Programs - Wolfram Mathematica - Mathematica Kernel.
   Can you start that?

On Macintosh:
- Was there a problem unpacking the downloaded .dmg file?
- In the Applications folder, does show up?
- Try the Mathematica Kernel:
  - Open the Applications folder,
  - hold down the Control key,
  - click once on the Mathematica application (.app) and then
  - select "Show Package Contents".
  In the folder that opens,
  - open the Contents folder, then
  - the MacOS folder. 
  Double-click the MathKernel icon and a stand-alone kernel will launch.

- In a terminal window, type and run
and then
What happens?
Posted 5 years ago
I had a similar problem running Maple under Windows 8. Check in task manager whether or not Mathematica is actually running. In my case, Maple was running but the GUI was not displaying. I went through a lot of diagnostics and pinned the problem on the Base Filtering Engine service, but it could have been any conflicting service or program. By working off-line, I could turn Base Filtering off in the Task Manager and the Gui showed up. When I updated to Windows 8.1, the problem was resolved. It was suggested that the Base Filtering module was corrupted. Maybe.

Anyway, these are some insights on a similar problem and its resolution.

Good luck.

I have a similar issue. I installed Mathematica 11 on this machine yesterday. It launched following the install. Today it will not launch from the Start menu. If I launch the Kernel I get an error "Wolfram Kernel for Windows has stopped working".

Posted 2 years ago

Wow. I had forgotten about that issue. I no longer use Maple. It was the gui that was not properly launching, not the kernel..

I did a brute force approach to shutting off services, re-booting as necessary, and restarting the services I had shut off and shutting off a new batch. I did it by nesting to zero in on the culprit. I shut off the first half to locate where the conflicting service was listed and proceed to do it by halving each cluster etc etc. Worked for me but might not for you.

Good luck.

In my case, Mathematica 11 ran following installation without any problem.

I am playing with Raspberry Pi 3B and had Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10 on the same box. After I installed VS 2015 Update 3, the Mathematica 11 interface would not launch. When I try to launch the kernel, I see the message "Wolfram Kernel has stopped".

I have filled out the form on the Wolfram site to move this license to another machine. I have a box that does not have VS 2015. I will try Mathematica 11 on this box and post results.

I am interested in using Mathematica with Raspberry Pi 3B and it may be useful to employ VS 2015 and Mathematica in a solution - so really hope I can resolve this.

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