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Mathematica won't launch (new installation)

I had to download mathematica for school and after it installs nothing happens. It doesn't launch and when I go to click on it again it reinstalls mathematica again. How do i get it to open?
POSTED BY: Manuel Rodriguez
3 years ago
"after it installs" - where did it install to?  Are you distinguishing between the downloaded installer
and the installed Mathematica?

Quick suggestion: 
Did the installation go normally?  See 

Suggestions will have to be operating-system dependent.

On Windows:
- Look in Start menu - All Programs for Wolfram Mathematica. Can you launch it from there?
- Does holding down the SHIFT and CONTROL keys as you try to start Mathematica make a difference?
- The Mathematica Kernel should be in
       Start menu - All Programs - Wolfram Mathematica - Mathematica Kernel.
   Can you start that?

On Macintosh:
- Was there a problem unpacking the downloaded .dmg file?
- In the Applications folder, does show up?
- Try the Mathematica Kernel:
  - Open the Applications folder,
  - hold down the Control key,
  - click once on the Mathematica application (.app) and then
  - select "Show Package Contents".
  In the folder that opens,
  - open the Contents folder, then
  - the MacOS folder. 
  Double-click the MathKernel icon and a stand-alone kernel will launch.

- In a terminal window, type and run
and then
What happens?
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
3 years ago
I had a similar problem running Maple under Windows 8. Check in task manager whether or not Mathematica is actually running. In my case, Maple was running but the GUI was not displaying. I went through a lot of diagnostics and pinned the problem on the Base Filtering Engine service, but it could have been any conflicting service or program. By working off-line, I could turn Base Filtering off in the Task Manager and the Gui showed up. When I updated to Windows 8.1, the problem was resolved. It was suggested that the Base Filtering module was corrupted. Maybe.

Anyway, these are some insights on a similar problem and its resolution.

Good luck.
POSTED BY: Luther Nayhm
3 years ago