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Bugs persisting from 10.0 to 11.3 (just when is it going to get fixed)??

Posted 5 days ago
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I am actually quite furious as I am writing this post. As an avid user of Mathematica I have personally paid more than 500 dollars since the release of version 9. Today I was trying to implement a code which required the use of FindMaximumFlow functionality. I found a bug. The examples that are made by the developer of the language do not work !! Oddly enough, the examples are there to show how a function performs.

FYI: (here is the bug I report)

Upon researching a bit I found that another user posted on StackExchange a similar question 2 years and 4 months earlier.

The problem has not been fixed from 10.0 to 11.3 (these include seven releases). My question, when is it going to get fixed? It has clearly not been fixed in the minor releases. If not, then why are we paying so much money for? I am sorry that I have to write like this but something is certainly not right.

This is just one example of a bug. There are others that are still open on StackExchange. Why do they still persist. Please as a user my request is not to introduce more functionality in 12.0 unless you clean/solve all the pending bugs.

Here are a list of questions with the "bug" tag (some of which may not have been addressed): (for bugs with Graph related functions)

BTW, can anyone from the Graph development team take a note and respond to what I have mentioned?

Thanks !!

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