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Blog feedback - Spellbound Valentines: DIY Art from 3D Printed Sound

Some of you may know we just have published a new blog article:

Spellbound Valentines: DIY Art from 3D Printed Sound

and I hope you have enjoyed reading it. Blog is a guide to a method of 3D printing sound using Wolfram Language. 

It was very nice of Michael Hale to sent me some feedback - thank you! He used the article’s code on two spoken names - Darli and Anne-Sophie – and imported resulting 3D objects into software called Blender (in PLY format). After some work he got beautiful renderings, which I thought would be great to share with others:

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
11 months ago
One for a bartender friend named Lisa, who wanted a thinner shape with more of the ridges from the initial waveform.

POSTED BY: Michael Hale
11 months ago
Nice work Vitaliy! I wonder, do you have any understanding of which types of Mathematica 3D graphics can be exported to STL and which can't? I've had more success with ParametricPlot than with Graphics3D (example)- are there any guidelines as to what can and can't be exported? I thought that all 3D graphics were made of Graphics3D primitives...
POSTED BY: C ormullion
10 months ago