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Simpson's Rule Input

Can someone show me how to enter a Calculus problem using the Simpson's Rule in Wolfram Alpha Pro?
Here is an example:
Use Simpson's Rule with n=10 to approximate 1/x dx from x=1 to 2
I input: 1/x dx from x=1 to 2; n=10
Wolfram Alpha Pro did not use the Simpson’s rule to solve.
The answer is 0.693150 from the answer sheet given to me from my professor.
Wolfram Alpha Pro shows the answer as {log(2), n = 10}
I did input “Simpson’s Rule” in various locations surrounding the problem, but it just shows the definition and history of the rule.
I would appreciate any information.
POSTED BY: Student Engineer
4 years ago
Hi. This blog post shows some examples of how you can use different integration methods in Wolfram|Alpha. Included are an example of the MidPoint and Simpson's rule:
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
4 years ago
Using plain english as you did in your post works:

Use Simpson's Rule with n=10 to approximate ∫1/x dx from x=1 to 2
If there are any examples that you tried that did not work, please send in some feedback and the W|A team will check it out.
POSTED BY: Brad Janes
4 years ago

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