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Getting a list of stocks that match certain criteria?


If I wanted to get a list of stocks that matched a certain criteria (timeframe: now), how could I best do that?

For instance, if I wanted to see all the stocks (in the world) with a PE greater than 50 but less than 100, with a positive income growth, positive sales growth, and a market capitalision of greater than 2 billion, is that possible?  What would such a thing look like?  I know I can use the FinancialData construct to get individual stock data but have no idea how to 'go the other direction' as it were.

I'm new to Mathematica but absolutely capitvated by the possibilities!

POSTED BY: Thomas Quinlan
4 years ago
Thomas, please check the help for FinancialData.

As part of the examples under Examples > Scope > Stock Screens we can adapt it to your needs. (I left out certain conditions out for you to explore by looking at the available indicators under FinancialData["Properties"]
Select[FinancialData["^DJI", "Members"],
FinancialData[#, "PERatio"] >50 &&
   FinancialData[#, "PERatio"] < 100 && FinancialData[#, "MarketCap"] > 2 10^9&]
POSTED BY: Diego Zviovich
4 years ago

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