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CUDALink with Mathematica is NOT working


I have the following configuration.

Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit, Cuda Toolkit 6.5, Mathematica Standard Version 10

The output from CUDAResourcesInformation[] is

{{"Name" -> "CUDAResources", "Version" -> "", 
"BuildNumber" -> "", "Qualifier" -> "Win64",
"WolframVersion" -> "10+", "SystemID" -> {"Windows-x86-64"},
"Description" -> "{ToolkitVersion -> 6.0, MinimumDriver -> 270.0}",
"Category" -> "", "Creator" -> "", "Publisher" -> "",
"Support" -> "", "Internal" -> False,
"Location" ->
"C:UsersmumasuthAppDataRoamingMathematicaPaclets\nRepositoryCUDAResources-Win64-", "Context" -> {},
"Enabled" -> True, "Loading" -> Manual,
"Hash" -> "8cd86e25825c095afcb781fa82d3cf73"}}

The output from CUDADDriverVersion[] is 340.62

However CUDAQ[] returns False.

I'll appreciate any pointers to resolve this issue. Thank you in Advance.

POSTED BY: Manickam Umasuthan
1 month ago
I don't know very much about CUDALink, but I would first try updating the paclet: [][1] After this I would try resetting Mathematica's configuration to its installation default settings: [][2] And then run the command `RebuildPacletData[]`. If neither of these help, I would contact Wolfram Technical Support. I would email them, since they may have to look into the issue. When emailing them, include your activation key for Mathematica ( evaluate $ActivationKey to find this ) and a Mathematica notebook where you have evaluated the command SystemInformation[] This notebook will give them more information about your installation's configuration on the machine and may help them resolve the issue. [][3] [1]: [2]: [3]:
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
1 month ago

Thank you very much for the reply.

I still get "False" as output for CUDAQ[].

As you suggested I would contact the Mathematica Technical Support.

Regards, Manickam

POSTED BY: Manickam Umasuthan
1 month ago

I had a similar issue on OS X. Forcing a reinstall via CUDAResourcesUninstall[] followed by CUDAResourcesInstall[] worked for me.

POSTED BY: Kirk Klobe
1 month ago