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How to find a generic formula from two equations for magnetic fields?



I have these two expressions:

288 2^(2/3) E^(8/3) Power[log(8), (3)^-1] ~= 8398.080021792


(216 E log^5(3))/log^7(2) ~= 12223.406886754 

which are supposed to describe two different magnetic fields,

what I want is to plot them both into Mathematica and have it spit out a formula with I can make generic magnetic fields.

There are obvious structural similarities between the two expressions. Both use log function and 288 and 216 are multiples of 36.

I have a third expression which isn't quite related but with similar structure



POSTED BY: Krister Lilleland
2 years ago

Me again.

I simply put two of either equations together separeted by comma in Mathematica, also don't forget to remove 288,144 or 216 for a variable, and then I would get integrals at least to look like mathematical field lines.

For instance

[x 2^(2/3) E^(8/3) Power[log(8), (3)^-1]],[y E log^5(3))/log^7(2)]


Worth to note is that all 288,144 and 216 are 36*n.

Not really a solution perhaps to the original problem but this is as far as I have figured yet.

POSTED BY: Krister Lilleland
1 year ago

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