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Wolfram|Alpha for HTC Vive or other VR devices?


I had an idea while waiting for my own HTC Vive (website) to arrive regarding Wolfram|Alpha. If it could be implemented as a program for the Vive, it could make 3D plots (both across real numbers and the complex plane) become easily visualized, especially with it's "Room Scale" capabilities. I know that the Vive was really made with games in mind, but I think that it could be also useful when used with Wolfram|Alpha. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this idea, but hopefully the Wolfram|Alpha team will see this and consider it. Please share with me your thoughts, and hope this is seen by Wolfram|Alpha developers so they can see your ideas too.

POSTED BY: Caelum Codicem
2 years ago

I completely agree. This would be most appropriate if the Graphics were somewhat modular, and you could move and manipulate subsections/layers.

I too have a Vive and can "easily" see implementation within Mathematica.

POSTED BY: John Corley
1 year ago

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