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Ultimate integration between Wolfram Language, Wolfram Cloud and Smartsheet

Posted 2 years ago
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Smartheet / Wolfram Language

Smartsheet offers an API that allows to operate on every item of a given sheet. Wolfram Language offers a framework with which API queries can be set up.

With these tools in hand we developed a fairly comprehensive set of Wolfram Language functions that allow us to manipulate all the relevant elements of any given sheet. All those functions are part of a package called APIS.

We can

  • fetch complete sheets
  • fetch the columns and their ids
  • fetch row ids
  • update rows
  • update cells
  • attach files to rows and sheets
  • create new sheets from a template
  • and more

When we generate a report using data contained in one or more sheets, we start with fetching the data from the given sheets. These data are then validated, normalized and stored. With these new data, the new report is computed and stored. The report is then deployed in some manner: html, cdf, pdf.

Smartsheet / Wolfram Cloud

The newly developed Wolfram Cloud platform allows the set up API's in a simple and quite effective way. These API's are deployed in the Wolfram Cloud.

Such API's can be triggered with URL queries that can be completely predefined, i.e. with all parameters set, or with dynamically computed URL queries. These URL can be located directly into the Smartsheet sheets. Such URL can trigger very simple computations or very sophisticated ones, using data fetched from sheets or from other sources.

The URL can even be generated by computed cells in the sheet, allowing to modify the parameters from within the sheet.

The results of the computations can be delivered in a variety of ways: html, pdf, cdf, xls, txt

There is more.

As we can manipulate all elements of a sheet, we can also set Wolfram Cloud API's up, in such a way that the results are directly stored into the sheet as attachment to a single row or the complete sheet.

In the end, the sheet becomes the central information hub that contains everything: data, reports, communications


We have implemented this technology in our DPC system for project scheduling and monitoring, which now provides a single-platform access to everything the project manager needs: schedule, communication, progress tracking in single project or portfolio configuration.

We developed a prototype for fast analysis of balance sheets based on the presented technology.

The possibilities offered by this integration are enormous, only limited by our own creativity.

2 Replies

Can you provide some sample Wolfram Language code that sets up and calls a Smartsheet API? It would be helpful to have examples that would work with the trial version of Smartsheet and demonstrate the API techniques that you mention under both the "Smartsheet / Wolfram Cloud" and "There is more" headings.

Hi Christopher, It would be easier if you reached out to me per email. We could set up some demo sheets and code. You can reach me at

Looking forward to talk to yo,


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