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Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud Now Available

Posted 2 years ago
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Organizations will now be able to shift how they see and deliver computation with the release of Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC). EPC enables users to derive vastly increased value from their big data, for analytics, business intelligence and smart application development, while retaining full control.

EPC takes the unique benefits of the Wolfram technology stack—ultimate computation, integrated language and deployment—and makes them available in a centralized, private, secure enterprise solution. It both replaces components and enhances workflows in your infrastructure, and also acts as a uniquely versatile hub for hybridized local and cloud computing across all platforms.

Ultimate computation, cloud capabilities and new and enhanced features in EPC empower organizations to: - Deliver enterprise and consumer products and services - Drive rapid application development - Extend access to computation and data analytics - Maintain a centralized development environment and code server - Serve live-computed interactive documents, dashboards and applications - Execute scheduled, custom-triggered or on-demand reporting - Replace low-level system tools in a modern cloud environment

How do you think EPC can streamline your technology strategy?

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