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Import image from a GigE Camera?

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Any ideas how to acquire images from a GigE camera?

I want to access a GigE camera from within Mathematica on a computer running Windows 7. The camera I am using is a uEye UI-624xSE-C, but the GigE standard applies to many cameras. I am not currently using an RPi, but may in the future. I have not tried the camera and Mathematica together yet. I am not anticipating it to be as easy as accessing a web cam.

POSTED BY: Jeff Burns
5 months ago

When I execute FindDevices[] the first object is a camera device.

$ImagingDevices is equal to {"UI624xSE-C_4002774104"}

Executing DeviceOpen["Camera"] or CurrentImage[] crashes the kernel.

POSTED BY: Jeff Burns
4 months ago

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