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Acquire images from a GigE camera using .Net?


I previously asked a question about accessing a GigE camera from within Mathematica using DeviceOpen[“Camera”]. Since I have not been able to figure out why this crashes the kernel I am trying to use the camera's .Net interface. I think I am close to figuring this out, but I clearly do not understand the syntax completely.

The camera I am using is a uEye UI-624xSE-C. The manual for the .Net interface to the camera has this in the “getting started quickly” section: Setting-up the IDE

1.Copy the uEyeDotNet.dll file into your project directory.

2.Open your project in Visual Studio.

3.In the "Solution Explorer" right-click on the "References" entry.

4.Select "Add reference". A dialog for adding references opens.

5.Open the "Browse" tab.

6.Select the uEyeDotNet.dll.

7.Click on "OK".

8.Open the project properties via the "Project > Properties" menu entry.

9.In the "Application" tab set the target framework to ".NET Framework 3.5".

Using the .NET interface

1.Create a uEye .NET object, e.g. uEye.Camera cam = new uEye.Camera();

2.Now you can start working with the .NET interface.

Capturing the first image 1.Initialize the camera: cam.Init();

2.Allocate an default image memory: cam.Memory.Allocate(out s32MemId); You can also allocate an image memory by using: cam.Memory.Allocate();

3.Capture a live image with cam.Acquisition.Capture(s32Wait); or a single image with cam.Acquisition.Freeze(s32Wait); With s32Wait = uEye.Defines.DeviceParameter.Wait the image acquisition waits until an image is captured and returns afterwards. With s32Wait = uEye.Defines.DeviceParameter.DontWait the image acquisition returns immediately.

4.Display the image on the screen: cam.Display.Render(uEye.Defines.DisplayRenderMode mode) mode selects different rendering modes, e.g. mode = uEye.Defines.DisplayRenderMode.FitToWindow.

My notebook is attached

My Code & Output:

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Jeff Burns
1 year ago

Do you have an update on this? I am trying to follow your code. How yoU got the DLL to resolve the issue of capturing the image from the driver?

POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
1 year ago

I gave up on interfacing this camera to Mathematica.

POSTED BY: Jeff Burns
1 year ago

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