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[Job/Internship] OpenGL Internship [Wolfram Summer '17]


Wolfram, creator of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Language, has an exciting opportunity available for an intern to join our User Interface team this summer. This is a paid, full-time internship working 40 hours per week.

Our User Interface team develops world-class user interface and graphics-rendering software for many of our systems. We are seeking an intern to review the cutting-edge computer graphics technology of non-photo realistic rendering and implement prototypes with OpenGL and GLSL.

The ideal candidate will have a clear understanding of the computer graphics pipeline and be familiar with programming in C++, OpenGL and GLSL. Experience working on advanced computer graphics projects is preferred. Some of the User Interface team works remotely, so we are looking for an intern who is responsible, reliable and self-sufficient.

Location: Champaign, Illinois, or remote


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POSTED BY: Dana Jeong
3 months ago

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