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Raspberry Pi license type wrt Data Drop?


I ordered my first Raspberry Pi computer and while googling what to do with it I found out it basically includes a Mathematica license. Now, it'd be awesome if I could use the RasPi to take measurements or whatever and to upload the data into Wolfram Data Drop. However, my issue with Data Drop is that the free version deletes your data bins after 30 days, and the next level is apparently 20 €/month! So my question is: does the RasPi version of Mathematica include any permanent Data Drop bins?

Because let's face it, why would I spend time on learning and using Data Drop if it just keeps deleting my data regularly? 20 €/month is also a relatively huge sum of money when you consider that a Raspberry Pi computer alone doesn't cost much more than that, and that with 20 €/month you could also get, say, both Spotify and Netflix. If there was a way to pay, say, 1 €/data bin/month to make your bin permanent, I'd jump on it right away. But 20 €/month is just way too much when you only want to monitor your refrigerator temperature, download speed, or whatever. It's almost as if Wolfram doesn't want people to use Data Drop.

POSTED BY: Ville Saalo
1 year ago

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