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Mathematica connection to Arduino *Micro*…any idea how to set DTR high?


Hi all...

A question for those with an interest/activity in interfacing Mathematica with Arduinos.

According to my experience and to various Arduino-related information, the Arduino Micro board will not write data to the serial port unless "DTR is set to high" from the receiving side. In my case, the receiving side is Mathematica (v. 10.2). See

I have been successfully interfacing Mathematica 10 with Arduinos (such as Mega), but am stuck with the Micro, because of the above issue.

Does anyone know how to set the DTR to "high" on the Mathematica side?

Are there any options to given in DeviceOpen when opening the port, to set the DTR to high? I've been looking for a solution in the Mathematica documentation, online, forums, to no success until now. Doing this in Python or other interfaces seems simple, but I can't figure out how to do it in our Mathematica platform.

Many thanks for any hint.


POSTED BY: Ioan Alexandre
1 year ago

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