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[@Kotaro Okazaki][at0] I apologize, looks like the mistake was at my side. It got solved when i implemented the way you suggested. Thank you for your help. [at0]:
Thank you so much [@Mikayel Egibyan][at0] . I will check the notebook and will try to understand it. test folder contains images with various height and width where as test2 folder contains images with dimensions of 224x224 (Thanks to you again...
I just wanted to check whether the images have been imported or not using RandomSample. When I run the code you suggested it gave the following output: Out[3]=0 I am new to MMA so I apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Greetings, I have been experimenting with MNIST dataset and was hit by the following problems, any help regarding any of my problems is highly appreciated and thanks a lot to all those who have spent their time reading my post and trying to help me...
I thank you so much for giving me the solution and such a quick response.