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Markus Roellig
Hi Mikayel, thank you for the reply. Looking forward to 11.3 then :) Markus
I am using the "Water" stylesheet for a slide show that has some problems when printing the slides as PDF, etc. When using e.g. ItemNumbered cells the item numbers get cropped at the left edge. Does anybody knwo which style settings to adjust to...
Dear Rafal, do you also plan to work on the HDF4 Import/Export. The older format is still widely used and I (and maybe others) often suffer from the incomplete implementation of HDF4 Im/Export.
Matthias, thanks for pointing out `Inpaint`, of course there is already a built-in function ;) I still would be curious how much one could speed up my code - probably not up to compete with the internal functions, but who knows.
Great post, but I really hope that it is about the range 1999 - 2014, and not 1999 - 2104 because extrapolation tends to become somewhat unreliable :)
Take a look at this [post on][1], where a scatter plot digitizer is shown. [1]:
I frequently need to perform interpolations on an unstructured grid. Mostly, with the purpose of filling grid holes and then later continue with regular grid interpolations. Mathematica V9 and V10 supports linear Interpolation on an unstructured...