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Kristóf Vörös
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LOCATION: Kecskemét
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My name is Kristóf, now I am a student of Szeged University and my facultiy is IT. I love working on own developments, e. g. now I have been creating a new type of non-arithmetical derivation.

I have been writing my book about iterated functions, fractional iterations and derivation, functional derivation/integration, fractals, fractional differential equations ... etc. . I love it.

But I like programming little softwares and games (I have created a super-Mario-like game, a 3D labirinth and so on). I and my friend improve a website for my so-called ankh products and my books, you can visit and check it, but it has not finished, yet. Shortly this is me, I hope we will be good friends. Thank you for reading it.

Best regards, Kristóf Vörös