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Mathematica no longer available for the Raspberry Pi?

Posted 2 years ago
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EDIT 2: As noted below, the problem is now resolved.

EDIT and warning: If you have Mathematica on the Raspberry Pi right now, do not uninstall at this point.

Mathematica is no longer included in the Raspbian repositories or the default Raspbian image. The Mathematica and Wolfram Language sections of the Raspberry Pi forum have been purged—apparently gone for good.

I uninstalled it, planning to reinstall a newer version, and it seems that now I lost it permanently.

Are there plans to make it available again?

There's also a thread about this on the Raspberry Pi forums. People speculate that Wolfram no longer licenses Mathematica for Raspbian, which seems strange/doubtful to me given that 11.3 for the RPi was released just 3 months ago, i.e. development seems to be ongoing.

Can anyone from Wolfram comment please?

4 Replies

Thanks for the heads up! I am the original Raspi Rascal coming to life exactly because of Mathematica having become available on my raspi. I thought that was a generous move by the two parties to get more people into using our common language. Your linked discussion threads talk much about license and licensing. Simply said, license means that one party paid (substantial) money to buy some right, right? There are two parties: Wolfram Research vs. Raspberry Pi Foundation. I would like to know who paid money to whom ("net money flow") so that Mathematica was eventually available to raspi users?

One could argue that either party would profit from Mathematica being available to raspi users. Win-win situation.

So maybe the net money flow was even zero? — If so, then let's get Mathematica back on the Raspbian image ::))

Of course, in practice, I am going to assume that hardly anyone who didn't know Mathematica before and bought the raspi for other purposes (than programming in Wolfram L) got into programming in Wolfram L on the raspi. Personally, I bought/use raspi to have a Mathematica-on-the-go, thanks to the VNC Viewer app.

Many people don't know anything about mathematica just because they have never seen it. There should be a free may be stripped down version of mathematica for all Linux users, not only for Raspberry Pi. In universities many departments don't buy mathematica because they are not aware of it. On the other hand many students are well aware of wolfram alpha because that how they check their answers.

Mathematica + Wolfram Language will continue to be available on Raspberry Pi and can currently be downloaded from:

The following command will install it:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wolfram-engine

Existing installations on RPi will continue to work as before.

Thank you! I installed it without any problem.

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