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Edit a hyperlink via a simple GUI-based way?

Posted 1 year ago
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I have a text cell. I selected part of the text in the cell and made it into a hyperlink using Edit -> Hyperlink.

How can I edit the link after the fact? I want to change the URL it points to.

I realized that I habitually edit the cell expression to achieve this, or just delete and re-create the entire link. Both are inconvenient. Is there a simple GUI-based way to edit the target of the link?

Sometimes the link is on the last word of the cell. I realize that I need to add more text to the cell at the end. How can I do this without editing the link text? Anything I type becomes part of the link text. I want to add extra text that is not part of the link.

Again, I usually end up either deleting and re-creating the link or editing the cell expression.

Both of these tasks are easy in even basic word processors, and I am wondering if I missed any feature in Mathematica that would make this easy.

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