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MeshConnectivityGraph not working?

Posted 1 year ago
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I wonder anyone experiences the same problem. I tried to run the documentation example but not working. Basic Example

It is as if MeshConnectivityGraph command does not exist, telling from the way it is highlighted. (autocomplete works)

I am running Mathematica 12.1 on OS X 10.15.4


10 Replies

It works fine on my computer, although I am using Windows 10. Try restarting the kernel and re-evaluate. Otherwise it might be an OS X based Mathematica issue

Posted 1 year ago

@Ali Hashmi, thanks for the advice. Maybe it's an OS X issue, restarting the kernel does not help. MeshConnectivityGraph remains blue as if it is not a built-in command.

But if you are using 12.1, then it should be a builtin command? It was introduced in 12.1. Please contact support.

IGraph/M has had IGMeshCellAdjacencyGraph long before MeshConnectivityGraph was introduced. It works in Mathematica 10.0 or later.

Cool. I am already using IGraph/M for one of my side projects. Works like a charm :)

Posted 1 year ago

A wonderful package! It works great, I will keep playing with it.

If the builtin does not work I would suggest send a bug report to this way they can fix if it is an OS related issue

Posted 1 year ago


@SY Yoon:

Can you post the output of evaluating $Version?

Also, can you try disabling the suggestions bar (it's in Preferences -> Interface) and restarting Mathematica? In older versions there was a bug where the suggestions bar somehow caused some symbols to become undefined. I assume it's much more robust in recent versions, but it's worth a try.

BTW it's not a macOS issue. It works perfectly fine for me on macOS.

Posted 1 year ago

@Szabolcs Horvat Bingo! yep, I didn't realize the kernel was set on WolframEngine(Jupyter) until checking $Version to produce 12.0. Now it works after switching to Local, thanks!

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