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Are Entity Lookups Slowed Down for Some Reason?

Posted 1 year ago
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I have an evaluation that needs a total of 1458 entity look-ups, notably of StarData (for Sun right ascensions) along with PlanetData (for Jupiter and Mars right ascensions).

The calls seem well-constructed. Even with a ParallelDo and Sow/Reap and 8 kernels in charge, this took over 24 hours to complete.

Is there a delay currently built in for these look-ups?

2 Replies

Hi Renay,

Could you please add the code you are running to your post.

Posted 1 year ago

Please see below. The only thing not self-referred is 'timeseries' which is a set of 255 timeseries with each one representing a single value per day defined from Jul 1 2002 to May 1 2020.

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