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Solve system of equations in Wolfram|Alpha?

Posted 1 year ago
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Hi, I tried to solve the following set of equiations but Mathematica seems not to be able to solve it, asking me to check spelling, etc. solve (O-x)(N-x-y-z)=(A-x-y)(B-x-z) , (P-y)(N-x-y-z)=(A-x-y)(C-y-z), (Q-z)(N-x-y-z)=(B-x-z)*(C-y-z) for x ,y, z

4 Replies

Javier, please always include the source code in order to be able to understand what the issue is.

I tried with this and it seems to work:

 {(o - x) (n - x - y - z) == (a - x - y) (b - x - z),
  (p - y) (n - x - y - z) == (a - x - y) (c - y - z),
  (q - z) (n - x - y - z) == (b - x - z) (c - y - z)},
 {x, y, z}]

Thanks Gustavo!!!!

I am totally new here at wolfram, so I am no familiar with the notation, syntax, etc.

What I tried was the expresion: solve (O-x)(N-x-y-z)=(A-x-y)(B-x-z) , (P-y)(N-x-y-z)=(A-x-y)(C-y-z), (Q-z)(N-x-y-z)=(B-x-z)*(C-y-z) for x ,y, z

Which, for what I read, is similar to yours changing the notation.

Nevertheless I tried yours, copy and paste, and still have no answer... enter image description here

Posted 1 year ago

It looks like you are using WolframAlpha to try to solve your problem. That is only one of several different products that Wolfram has. People often assume that questions are about other Wolfram products and not about WolframAlpha.

WolframAlpha has limits on how large a problem that it can solve.

There is another online service from Wolfram that you can use to solve your problem. It requires a slightly different notation to get it to understand a problem and provide an answer.

If you open your browser and go to

and you patiently wait until "Type your Wolfram Language input" appears

and you give one left mouse click in the large white space below that

and then you tap the x key and patiently wait until that appears

and then you tap the backspace key and patiently wait until the x disappears

and then you paste exactly this


into the large white space and you patiently wait until that appears

and then you press and hold the <shift> key while you tap the <enter> key

and you patiently wait until a box appears that includes "large output"

and you give one left mouse click on "show all"

then in a few moments a warning should show up saying that the result is so large that it wants to ask if you really want to do this or not

and give one left mouse click on "Try rendering anyway"

and in a few seconds a small box will appear saying that it is working on it

and in perhaps a minute several different solutions, each inside { and } should appear.

A few of the solutions are small and simple, but you should be able to see how very large some of the solutions are.

Hopefully this has given you solutions to your problem.

Wow, impressive Bill, it worked!!!

You took a lot of time to redact the step by step procedure, I really appreciate it, I owe you one!


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