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Some `ResourceFunction`s should be integrated into Mathematica

Posted 1 year ago
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Disclaimer: this was originally posted on Mathematica SE, but got closed due to the nature being option-based question. Now posted here with minor edits following suggestion by @Daniel Lichtblau.

Wolfram Function Repository is indeed a treasury with many valuable functions. And I personally enjoy trying out all the new ones every Friday night after receiving its newsletter.

Although we can easily load the functionality via ResourceFunction, lack of local help page sometimes can be annoying.

As such, I do feel some ResourceFunctions should be integrated into Mathematica. Just to give an example, PlotGrid by Lucas Lang has indeed added the long-missing piece to the plotting jigsaw (just to add on this: even though support for PlotLayout has been added in V12 to several Plotting functions, eg. ListPlot, it is less useful than I would expect for such a seemingly promising name).

Posted 1 year ago

I agree. And PlotGrid is a very good example.

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