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[WSG20] System Modeling Study Group begins Monday, September 14

Posted 1 year ago
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Join System Modeler engineer @Ankit Naik at our online daily study group showcasing modeling examples from physics, biology, chemistry and system dynamics during Week 1 and diving deeper into analysis and applications during Week 2. Sign up:

10 Replies

Dear Jamie,

When will the course begin? Is it Sept. 14 or 15? I had to miss Sept. 14th (Monday's) class. If it already started, will the recorded lecture be available online, as before?

I also sent an inquiry email to "Wolfram U" regarding the "Level 1" certificate of Linear Algebra and Introduction to Calculus course, which I have not received any response yet. Could you quickly check the message and reply to them?

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Hello @Hee-Young Shin. The Study Group began today. There were multiple reminder emails sent that may have caused confusion. Sorry about that! Recordings will be posted soon in the Study Group channel:

Regarding your email to Wolfram U, I will ask our staff to look for that message from you.

Update for Tuesday! Today at study group we will explore modeling examples from the fields of physics, including virtual labs. Sign up:

Posted 1 year ago

Hi Cassidy! When i follow the link given in the last session, i just get files about Mathematica 12.1 (and what's new in version 12.1). I don't find any files about WSM. Did you give the wrong link by chance?

Hi @Ulf Schmidt, you are correct. We posted that New in 12.1 link in error. If you're curious, that link corresponds to the recorded presentations that can be found on this Wolfram U page:

The materials for this week's study group are being compiled and we will make that download link available by Friday! Thank you for your patience.

Hi Ulf, I was referring to this post:

Hi @Ankit, I am playing with the "HerdImmunity" model under HighSchoolBiology lab (modelica://HighSchoolBiology.HerdImmunity.Components).

Can you provide a detailed instruction for how to insert new components (variables), to assign a range of parameter values to these new variables, and to plot them?

For example, I would like to insert a variable showing the total number of deaths among the infected patients, with a varying mortality rate. If possible, I also would like to insert a sub-group variable within the infected patients classified by race, ages and sex, etc.

What should I do? Thanks.

Hi, can you drop me a mail at I feel it will be faster if we can schedule a meeting where I show you how it is done.

Also, next week we will deep dive into creating and analyzing models which will answer some of your questions.

Thanks, Ankit

Hi @Jamie and @Ankit,

I haven't yet received the certificate (even after completing the quiz, etc). Do I have to await for more days?

Best wishes,

Hello @Hee-Young Shin. Thank you for your patience. We expect the certificates to be ready to distribute by early next week.

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