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Change the magnification by default of Mathematica notebooks

Posted 1 year ago
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Hello all. I want to increase the magnification by default of my notebooks in Mathematica.

I go to Edit/Preferences and then look at Advanced/Open Options Inspector. There I go to Notebook Options/Display and then Magnification. Then I increase the Magnification, say to 1.25

After that I click Apply...but nothing happens!!! No effect whatsoever

There must be a very simple solution to this... Can somebody help me?

4 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

Edit/Preferences/Interface has a PopupMenu for selecting magnification

enter image description here

But Global Magnification is going too far for me.

How would one just change the Magnification of documentation notebooks?

Many thanks Hans, it works!


Documentation notebooks use a built-in stylesheet and they have disabled editing it using the standard mechanism, grrr... but you can likely go edit the file directly, likely located at


which I learned by running the following in a documentation notebook enter image description here

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