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Free Webinar: Financial Data Retrieval with Forecasting and Analyzing Stock

Posted 4 months ago
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On the 27th of January, Wolfram will be hosting a Financial Data Retrieval with Forecasting and Analyzing Stock Prices webinar.

Wolfram Finance Platform allows for multiple approaches to retrieving financial data that include the built-in Wolfram Language function FinancialData; access to Bloomberg, Reuters, SQL, Mongo and SPARQL databases; inbuilt relational databases; online databins; and a two-way connection with Excel. You can also import from over one hundred different file types. Once the data is imported, you can build models that allow you to analyze and forecast stock prices, index returns and evaluate risk using time series econometric methods. This webinar begins by showing functional programming basics with the Wolfram Language and quickly moves on to the data retrieval workflow using Wolfram Finance Platform, building models and analyzing risk.

You can check the event details here:

*Please note, this event has been postponed to 27 Jan 2021. This has been reflected above.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this conference. Our email address is

I would like to report an error in my presentation that was pointed out to me by one of the attendees. In the section of the presentation entitled "Build a Model for Forecasting Stock Prices", we find the following code:

start=DayRound["Jan 1 2013","BusinessDay","Next"];

where the last piece of code returns an error message that the stocks definition does nbot create a properly defined TimeSeries object. The problem is not to do with the definition of stocks but rather the output from data. In the previous version of Mathematica it returned a list of prices but here it returns a TimeSeries, even though we have requested only values. There are two ways out of this problem, either include the option Method->"Legacy" as in

data=FinancialData["name", "property", dates, "Value",Method->"Legacy"]

or by using


These result in the correct outcome. This is a Bug which has been reported and will be fixed in the next update of the documentation.

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