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Finding the maximum value on a restricted interval

Posted 1 year ago
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In a precedent post, I had an issue with the code that couldn't stop running and I got some help fixing it. However, when I tried to apply this answer to the next function I had to optimize I faced a similar problem... The function that runs correctly is the one with the denotation AA and the BB actually doesn't allow me to define as for the first function the restricted interval in which I want to find the value of [Tau] that maximizes the function. I didn't specify in my assumptions that the lower bound of this interval is lower than the higher bound for the 2nd function but doing so hasn't changed my result and I'm still stuck with the definition of the interval for the second function. Any advice is most than welcome as it seems weird to me that the methodology would change for all intervals I have :/


Xavier Koch


I don't know the internals, so I am just guessing. The constraint myConstraintBB is significantly more complicated than myConstraintAA, and the complexity of the algebraic algorithms increases very very rapidly with the size of the input. I would personally try a simpler model with fewer variables.

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