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Color palette for text?

Posted 7 months ago
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Does anyone know how to build a color palette? To apply a color to a text, we must go to the Format, Text Color menu and click on the desired color. I would like to create a palette that would make this operation faster and more practical.

Good weekend.

2 Replies
Posted 7 months ago

This is how I do it. First define this function to that you can apply or insert a color with a single button:

colorPasteButton = Button[" ",
    ib := InputNotebook[];
    If[NotebookRead[ib] === {}, Paste[ib, #], 
     FrontEndExecute[{FrontEndToken[ib, FontColor, #]}]],
    Appearance -> "Palette", Background -> #, ImageSize -> Full] &;

Then, create your palette in the notebook, for example:

   {Tooltip[colorPasteButton[Black], "Black 100%"],
    Tooltip[colorPasteButton[GrayLevel[0.15]], "Black 85%"],
    Tooltip[colorPasteButton[GrayLevel[0.50]], "Black 50%"],
    Tooltip[colorPasteButton[GrayLevel[0.75]], "Black 25%"],
    Tooltip[colorPasteButton[GrayLevel[0.85]], "Black 15%"]}
  ItemSize -> {2, 1}, Alignment -> Left, Spacings -> {.1, 0}],
 FrameMargins -> 5] 

Then convert it to a palette:


And finally go to the Palettes menu, and select "Install palette".

If interested in learning more about the colorPasteButton see:

Posted 7 months ago

Thank you for your response and attention Gustavo.

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