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Is it worth upgrading from Mathematica V10 to V12?

Posted 2 months ago
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I am about to try to bring a database of text and links from HyperCard on the Macintosh into Mathematica. One file has 16,000 text elements (called cards in HyperCard) taking up 75 megaBytes, another has 22,000.

I have Mathematica 10. Should I upgrade to Mathematica 12?

I'm interested in the Community's opinion

2 Replies
Posted 2 months ago

Importing the data into Mathematica 10 or 12 should be no problem if it has a consistent format. The question is what do you plan to do with it after you import it.

Posted 2 months ago

The data has a very consistent format -- this is the data (and metadata) of two of the 16,000 cards. It also has button links to other types of hypercard data (e.g. glossary, index). I plan to get all that into a series of mathematica notebooke and then continue reading the literature and taking notes on it, linking it to what is already present. That's what I used hypercard for, but it is only supported on machines that Apple doesn't make any more (something to do with memory management)

Thanks for responding

"Total Number of Cards = 2 Begin card \"X1766697\" card id 1897041 Nature vol. 316 p 457 - 460 '85 4 \"Choroid plexus tumors\" 1711804 Xref \"SV40\" 1433061 glossary \"SV40 -- moreInfo\" 2104481 Xref \"Transgenic animals\" 1512732 \"glossary\" 1 Oncogenes 1 Transgenic mice with SV40 early genes die of choroid plexus \ papillomas at age 3 -5 months. Elevated SV40 T antigen and SV40 mRNA \ are present in affected tissues. If the SV40 enhancer region is \ deleted, there is peripheral neuropathy rather than choroid plexus \ tumors, and there are liver and pancreatic tumors as well.
End card \"X1766697\" Begin card \"X1773629\" card id 1903962 Nature vol. 316 pp 596 - 605 '85 1 \"Repressor\" 1279797 glossary 1 Gene expression 1 Good evidence exists that by changing one face of one alpha \ helix, you can alter the specificity of DNA binding proteins (lambda \ repressor, cro repressor, P22 activator). Crystal structures of the \ models show that this helix lies in the major dense groove of the DNA \ binding site. The other 3.5 alpha helices of the repressors remain \ unchanged. One face of the helix barrel is enough. End card \"X1773629\" "

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