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Where send feedback on a Demonstration error?

Posted 1 month ago
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With Mathematica 12.3.1 (under macOS 11.5.2), when I open the .cdf file for the Demonstration "Space-Filling Fractual Curves" (, I'm getting a $Failed message as soon as I open the file. The Messages window of Mathematica gives error that AxisStyle appears in multiple contexts. (Oddly, the error does not occur with the corresponding source code file for this Demonstration.

I want to notify the Demonstrations editor of this bug. The web page says:

"How can I provide comments or request more information about Demonstrations?

"Fill out the feedback form at the bottom of this page and send your questions and comments to us."

However, there is no such feedback form on the page.

Where should I send the feedback? (I also want to let them know about the missing feedback form!)

Murray, The code in this demo requires version 12.3. However, that version of the CDF isn't yet incorporated into the Demonstrations build system. Once that is ready, I plan to republish with the CDF. I didn't want to make the author wait longer than necessary. You can send feedback directly to me (

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