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10.4.1: InputFields of Sliders in Manipulate?

Posted 5 years ago
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In MMA 10.4.1, there is a somewhat strange thing. In a Manipulate with one or more sliders a slider control can be expanded to expose a small InputField. Inputting a number in this InputField, and hitting Enter, used to update the slider and its output value. Immediately. Not so in 10.4.1. If you input a number in this IF, it will just be ignored. The slider and its output are not updated. Until you repeat the process. Then the new value is accepted. And further inputs will work OK. Until you make a new evaluation of the Manipulate. Then the Manipulate/IF needs another false start.

Windows 10.

    {x, 1, 10}

enter image description here

This controller is called Manipulator. There were several bugs related to that in V10.X, which seem to be fixed, to much...

Take a look here and on linked topics:

Manipulator reset bug

Let's take an example from this thread, the issue described here is fixed in 10.4.X yet yours isn't:

x = 0;
Manipulator[Dynamic[x, (Print[#]; x = #) &], {-10, 0}]

Proceed with: Evaluate -> Open Manipulator -> enter 3 -> Click somewhere outside.

x == -7 now...

I'd report that.

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