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Problem embedding graphics in notebooks?

Posted 6 years ago
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I am running MMA 10.4.1 under Mac OSX 10.11.5 and have started seeing some issues with drawing graphics inside a notebook as part of its documentation. Two examples of the problems I am seeing are:

1) I change the colour of a line from red to black in the graphic. I save, close and then reopen the notebook and the line has reverted to red.

2) I can edit the graphic sometimes and then, for no apparent, reason further attempt fail, and I cannot even click on and select an object within the graphic.

POSTED BY: David Mackay
2 Replies

It's difficult to tell much from your notebook. I take it you are creating the graphic using Drawing Tools. I myself never use that but prefer to write the specifications for a graphic explicitly using Show, Plot, Graphics and various primitives. This has the advantage that you have a permanent record. You can edit it and reevaluate, or copy and edit. Graphics are something of an art form and it often takes a fair amount of design and diddling to get them right. Sometimes the specifications can become rather long.

You sound like you're tying to learn some modern math and physics with the aid of Mathematica. Just what I'm doing. If you wish to contact me by email from my Profile you may.

Hi David. You are quite right that I am using the Drawing Tools to try and assist documenting Notebooks. These have always been a little quirky to use, especially when selecting colours for the various graphics primitives. In 10.4.1 this quirkiness has certainly got more noticeable.

Again you are right about my use of MMA. Having retired from 30 years as an Engineer I am working my way through selected parts of an undergraduate university physics course and the associated mathematics using MMA to aid my understanding and visualisation of the results.

POSTED BY: David Mackay
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