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MRB=$\sum _{x=0}^{\infty } e^{i \pi x} \left(1-(x+1)^{\frac{1}{x+1}}\right) $ vs M2= $\int_0^\infty e^{i \pi x} \left(1-(x+1)^{\frac{1}{x+1}}\right) dx$ in proper integrals ![enter image description here][1] See [this notebook][2]. I got...
Probably the last update on the 5,500,000 digit computation: Print[7211520/7405568*100., "% done."] 97.37970132743364% done. When it is done, having the same first 5,500,000 digits found in the previous 6,000,000 digit...
...Print[Abs[test2]] ...
Here is a shorter way: &[Wolfram Notebook][1] [1]:
Click Make Your Own Copy. Open a free Wolfram account and change the values. When done do a shift+enter.
&[Wolfram Notebook][1] [1]:
So Raspi, do you have any specific questions on how to use other roots in Mathematica?
Notice that when t=0, they are not always equal. &[Wolfram Notebook][1] [1]:
All know is that where your(2X2) map had 2,4 then 4 paths, my (3X3) map had 6, 36 then 36. I suspect a (4X4) map will have 4,64 then 64 paths.
After selecting the cell, try hitting the Delete key.