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Hi Arno, We are testing a new version of the MintNFT function and hope to get that approved and pushed to production ASAP. This new version should solve the problem you have.
I love them Chip! Pretty awesome work. Let me know if you are interested in exploring Cardano NFTs :)
Different IPFS nodes can be configured differently and that kind of goes beyond our control. The IPFS gateway is working fine for me though. You can also try the Pinata gateway, e.g. ...
Hi Jose, sorry this answer comes so late. I think the problem is that the connection is not properly stored in the Wolfram Cloud. In version 12.3 we introduced new ways to use the Authentication option so you should be able to use ServiceConnect...
Hi! I saw that you never received an answer. Have you tried using `CloudEvaluate` ?
Thank you for that info!
This is so cool!! A relevant post is this one written by one of our Wolfram Summer Camp students some years ago:
@Mike, Thanks Mike. Do you mind leaving your info here in this form? Thanks
Hi Vladimir, Thanks for the update. So how does the data stored in a databin is connected to a blockchain?
Hi Dr. Polly, I'm getting some errors while trying to use a nwk file. I've tried this with PollyPhylogenetics 6.2 on Mathematica 12 and 12.1. Both failed. This is what I get when using the Plaintext or String version of the file: ![Import...