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Christopher Wolfram
Thank you for your version, Chris. Of course my code is very sloppy. The short version is[mcode]components =   MorphologicalComponents[    MorphologicalPerimeter[Binarize[image, {0.225, 0.275}],     CornerNeighbors -> True], 0, CornerNeighbors ->...
Hello, I think something in the Alpha query may have changed since Vitaliy's post. I can get Vitaliy's nifty Manipulate to work, but I have to remove the Quantity(s) from the raw data:[mcode]raw = WolframAlpha[ "albert einstein",...
Hello Christopher, We had a quick discussion about Leap Motion at the Computer Based Math Conference. I think you have some more code examples of Leap Motion... would you mind sharing the examples?  Thanks, Craig
I suspect that the code you mean to write was something like the following: Manipulate[Dynamic, {u, "xxx"}, ControlType -> InputField] The resulting Manipulate, when exported as a CDF, exports fine.  Howerver the input field will only work if a...
You can use [url=]ImagePeriodogram[/url] to compute the power spectrum of an image.
If its any help, I just tried my Space Navigator and it connects OK - ControllerInformation[] lists it along with about 6 other devices. This is with Mm9 running on OS X Snow Leopard (10.8.4). Good luck.
If the camera doesn't move you could just crop a hand made mask around it and then use TextRecognize[] to read off the numbers themselves.
Actually I figured it out.  What I was trying to do is find the distance between a point and the nearst point on a line.  Here is the code that does it: Minimize[Norm[{Sin[t], Cos[t]} - Rescale[verts][[1]]], t] -Chris
Nice! Maybe incorporate it into a Manipulate app for selection of instrument, octave, etc.