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Athanassios Hatzis

The last few years I have been active in research of various data models and how these can be applied for personal or health information management. Both cases led me into pioneering R3DM, an innovative data model of information processing that is based on a pragmatic application of semiotics in an attempt to bridge the fields of user interfaces, programming languages, and databases.

I plan to exhibit my case with data based on the model I propose. I am actively looking for partners to collaborate on the user empowerment for learning, analytical reasoning and collective intelligence facilitated by interactive programming and visual analytics.

I am also willing to examine any exceptional opportunity for suitable research or consultancy in the field of information management, and in particular digital curation and collaborative intelligence. I am currently available to relocate to any city if that is necessary.

CORE COMPETENCIES I have spent ten years on research and software development, in top ten UK Universities for computer science and information technology. But most important, all these years I managed to pursue my vision on a breakthrough in environmental control devices and augmentative and alternative communication.

I have always been part of a team in highly demanding interdiciplinary research areas and I know exactly how it feels to interact with people that have different expertise than mine. This was especially the case in the Hellenic Neurosurgical Research Center. This fruitful collaboration resulted in a fully modernized, fully operational, hospital surgical clinic, the first in the history of “Evangelismos” General Hospital and a model clinic for others to follow in Greece.