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Hi Jos, I'll look for a way to upload what i have done so far. The resources are for learning the genreal basic aspects of Mathematica such as lists etc., and include some problems, but nothing hugely specific to the secondary curriculum. Some are...
I'm interested in this, too. Somebody added this link a few days ago: [url=][/url]
Hi Sean, It seems you are trying to solve some diffferential equations. Mathematica can do this directly using the DSolve function (for exact solutions), or the NDSolve function (for numerical solutions).
Very interested in this feature, especially when it comes to using Mathematica with high school students who have no conception that a program might not include undo functionality.
It is. Here's a beautiful article about it, with plenty more examples:
Hi All, I'm a high school Mathematics teacher and eLearning specialist, and I use Mathematica to teach my pupils about programming and problem solving. I'd love to hear from anyone else with experience in this area, to share resources or just to...