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Cool project, and really interesting idea! Very impressive machine learning approach
Nice project! Those plots are spot on.
Thank you, Flip! I really appreciated your suggestion to measure the brittleness of the examples - it was the catalyst for understanding the structure of these examples in the space of images, and why adversarial images transferred across networks.
Super interesting research, and very good results given the scope and difficulty of the task. Especially love the idea on just having a neural network overfit the entire world :P Given that your end network architecture was tuned automatically, why...
Hello. I'm trying to get Mathematica to show me the steps in the Simplify function. I have the following expression: Simplify[(1/ 2 (3 l*(3 l/2*Sqrt[3])))/((3 (1/2 (l*(l/2*Sqrt[3])))) + (1/ 2 (3 l*(3 l/2*Sqrt[3]))))] ...